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Termeh is a traditional Persian tablecloth, woven with Silk & Wool and with a variety of designs. Iranian Termeh is one of the exquisite textile handicrafts of Iran. In the past, Iranian Termeh fabrics were Handwoven by Silk & Wool Fabric. Yazd is the center of the design, production and marketing of Termeh. At present Termeh fabrics are Woven by machine but Handwoven Silk & Wool Termeh Fabric can still be found. If you are looking to decorate your house with Persian Termeh Tablecloth, you can visit our Termeh Category. ShopiPersia is the best & Biggest Online Persian Termeh Shop. Buy Persian Termeh, Silk & Wool Fabric, with Confidence at one of the biggest Online Termeh Shop. If you are looking for a beautiful tablecloth, be sure to visit our collection. Decorate your home with a beautiful Persian silk tablecloth. A Luxury Persian Tablecloth for your dining table. We ship worldwide.

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