Persian (Farsi) Dictionary Books help you to understand the meaning of different words. The meanings of many words in various fields such as economics, medicine, technology may not be easily found. Dictionary books are needed to make words easier to understand and have been developed for this purpose. ShopiPersia website is the largest comprehensive website for selling Persian books, which has all kinds of Persian (Farsi) Dictionary Books in various fields and different languages for sale. We ship worldwide

  • Moin Encyclopedic Dictionary Software


    It was collected and integrated by Mohammad Mo’in. “Moin Encyclopedic Dictionary” software is produced based on the book “Moin Encyclopedic”. This software has unique features and facilities that make it possible to use “Moin Encyclopedic” very easily and quickly. In this software, the search is done simultaneously with typing, so that usually there is no need to type the word completely, and if necessary, smart search and search for meanings are activated in order and automatically.

  • Moin Encyclopedic Dictionary Book By Mohammad Moin

    Moin Encyclopedic Dictionary Book by Mohammad Moin


    Moin Encyclopedic Dictionary is the second biggest Persian language encyclopedia. It was collected and integrated by Mohammad Mo’in.

  • Dehkhoda Dictionary by Ali-Akbar Dehkhoda, 16 Volumes


    Allameh Ali Akbar Dehkhodā was a prominent Iranian linguist and lexicographer. He was the author of Dehkhoda dictionary, the most extensive dictionary of the Persian language published to date.


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