Wooden Desk Lamp | ShopiPersia

For those who care about the luxury of their desk

Attractive accessories that are decorated with the art of Khatamkari to be luxurious

Ghalamdan Khatam | ShopiPersia
Khatamkari Pen Holder
Khatam Tissue Holder | ShopiPersia
Khatamkari Tissue Holder
Khatamkari Pen Case | ShopiPersia
Khatamkari Pen & Pencil Case

Check out & order customized Farsi Signs

Complete your office or company with Persian Signs. Your employees also need to be introduced

Persian LED Signs | ShopiPersia

Shine among Persian speaking customers

Nothing shines like a Farsi sign in a non-Persian environment. All Persian speakers will definitely be attracted to these boards and will come to you. A sense of familiarity is created among your customers. We custom design all kinds of boards for you. Also, some of the boards are ready by default.

Persian office signs | ShopiPersia
Persian Style Mouse Pads | ShopiPersia
Mouse Pads
Rubber Stamps | ShopiPersia
Rubber Stamps
Business & Office Stamps | ShopiPersia
Business & Office Stamps
Iran Desk Flag | ShopiPersia
Iran Desk Flag

You need other items to complete your style and office

Genuine leather Briefcases & table sets

Office & Desk Accessories

A work desk or office room is not complete without accessories and complements. Accessories that give the office a formal look. These accessories, such as organizers, in addition to organizing your desk, also make it easier to do things. In fact, these are the accessories that give shape to your room. A desk or chair without accessories is not effective to complete your room. You will need a set of accessories. In ShopiPersia, we have a collection of widely used accessories for the office. An attractive collection that will definitely attract your attention. Definitely, having a stylish desk can give you enough energy to work. Sit happily behind your desk and enjoy working. Everything is on your desk. Put the essentials in a luxury Briefcase. Yes, we have also collected the most attractive office Briefcases. We ship worldwide.

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