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Persian Handwoven Jajim Rug is one of the most famous underlay in the world that has many fans. Persian Wool Jajim is a beautiful, exciting and lint-free underlay that is 100% Handwoven. Iranian Nomadic Jajim with its unique dKiliesign and color reflects the artistic texture of Iranian nomads and rural women. The originality of Iranian Rugs dates back to about 2500 years ago and Iranians were among the pioneer weavers of ancient civilizations. Over time, unlike machine-made Rugs, the value of Iranian Rugs does not decrease, but increases in value and price. Using an original Iranian Rug at home can have a great impact on the beauty of your home decoration. You can buy the Handwoven & original Persian Rugs with a guarantee from our store. An expensive work of art. Buy Handwoven Wool Jajim Rug with confidence, We Ship all over the world.

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