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History books are one of the most popular written works that narrate the past events of a nation. Studying historical books makes us aware of the history of previous societies. If you’re looking for a good history book, it’s useful to know where to start. In ShopiPersia, we have collected a collection of the best and most famous historical books of Iran and the world. All our books have been written or translated into Persian. We have collected books on the history of Iran and different countries of the world in Persian. If you are interested in the history of Iran or you are looking to buy historical books in Persian, be sure to Explore our collection of the best history books. The best history books, perfect for learning more about the past, recommended by leading historians and experts in their subjects.

  • Didani Haye Bastani Iran Book (Farsi Edition)

    In this book, you will get to know the historical and very beautiful places of Iran. Places like: Pasargad, Persepolis, Naqsh-e Rostam, Kaabe Zartoshtian, ancient monuments of Firozabad, Anahita Temple of Bishapur, Shapur Cave, Biston inscription, Taq Bostan, Ganjnameh, Sange Shir, Ziggurat, Shush Palace, Shushtar Bridge and Shadarvan Dam.

    • Language(s): Persian (Farsi)
    • Book Cover Type: Paperback
    • ISBN: 9789649343112
    • Persian Title: کتاب دیدنی های باستانی ایران اثر محمد شعبانی
  • My Iran By Davood Vakilzadeh

    The more happened to Iran, the richer and more credible the history of Iran. The present collection shows Iran through the eyes or photos of Davood Vakishlzadeh.

    • Language(s): Persian (Farsi)
    • Book Cover Type: Paperback
    • ISBN: 9789643345969
    • Persian Title: کتاب دیدنی های شیراز
  • Complete History of Iran by Pirnia & Ashtiani


    This book is about the History of Iran and explaining the Pre-Islamic Period of Iran in Farsi by Hassan Pirnia and after Islam by Abbas Eqbal Ashtiani.

    • Language(s): Persian (Farsi)
    • Book Cover Type: Hardcover
    • ISBN: 9786226611961
    • Persian Title: تاریخ کامل ایران
  • Persian Nobles Two-volumes (Persian & English)

    This book is about Historical prologue of Iran from 8000 years ago up to the contemporary time with 1200 famous faces.

    • Persian Title: نام اوران ایران زمین

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