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Sour cherry Fruit Leather Lavashak
Persian Pofak | ShopiPersia

For those who are interested in Persian Flavors

Everyone likes a certain taste, but all Iranians love Iranian products. You also try

Persian Pistachios | ShopiPersia
Persian Pistachios
Persian Rice | ShopiPersia
Persian Rice
Dried Dates | ShopiPersia
Persian Dates
Iranian Tea | ShopiPersia

The most famous Iranian Spices & Flavorings

Get to know a world of new tastes. Unique flavors such as saffron or a tea with Damask Rose Buds

Buy saffron directly from Iran

Iranian saffron has a unique aroma and taste. A aroma that has given it world fame. Saffron is not the only famous Iranian product. The Damask Rose Buds, Barberry, Cornelian cherry and thousands of other products are unique to Iran. Although there are similar products in other parts of the world, their authentic Iranian taste is unique.

Persian Sohan | ShopiPersia
Persian Noghl | ShopiPersia
Persian Noghl
Persian Gaz Sweets | ShopiPersia
Persian Gaz Nougat
Persian Halva | ShopiPersia
Muscoth Halwa

Iran's most famous Strengthening Powder

Qawoot - A powder made from plant seeds

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