A computer mouse is an essential accessory for your PC. If your current mouse isn’t working properly it could be time to invest in a new one. When you’re surfing the web you need to be able to click away at your leisure, and unless you have a touch screen you’ll need a mouse to get around! Luckily mice are affordable and available in a number of different styles. They can include special functions and there are even mice that are designed specifically for gaming. We ship worldwide, but shipping to Europe, the UK and many other countries is free.

  • Tesco Wireless Mouse & Farsi Keyboard - 7018W

    Tesco Wireless Mouse & Farsi Keyboard – 7018W

    The TKM 7018W is a combo product (keyboard with mouse) that connects wirelessly to your computer or laptop. The number of keys in this keyboard is 103. The mouse presented in this set is optical and uses three keys. Thanks to the excellent 1600DPI resolution support of this mouse, the mouse pointer can be moved from one point to another easily and at high speed.

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