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  • Tsco Keyboard With Perisan Letters - TK 8026

    Tsco Keyboard With Perisan Letters – TK 8026

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    The TK 8026 keyboard is a Tesco product that connects to a computer via a USB port. This keyboard has 115 keys for computer activities; The TK 8026 also has 11 shortcut keys for faster tasks located at the top of the keyboard. Tesco TK 8026 keyboard can be a good option for everyday and office use. Tesco company has designed this product for Persian-speaking users and for this purpose has equipped its keys with Persian printed labels. The keys of this keyboard are located at a suitable distance from each other, which increases the typing speed and user convenience when using. If you are planning to make a keyboard for office and home use, TK 8026 can be a good choice for you.

  • Tesco Wireless Farsi Gaming Keyboard - 8021L

    Tesco Farsi Gaming Keyboard – 8021L

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    If you do not want to spend a lot or play from time to time, you can get Tesco-TSCO TK8021L Game Design Keyboard, which has most of the features of a fully professional gaming keyboard such as RGB lighting, flared buttons, embossed curved buttons and curved edges with gaming design. The Tesco TK8021L is a well-built 104-key keyboard equipped with a backlight to convey a better feeling when working with it, but if the backlight bothers your eyes, do not worry at all, because this keyboard has a button Equipped with backlight on and off. The TK8021L is in the category of wired keyboards that connect to your computer via USB.

  • Tesco Wireless Mouse & Farsi Keyboard - 7018W

    Tesco Wireless Mouse & Farsi Keyboard – 7018W

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    The TKM 7018W is a combo product (keyboard with mouse) that connects wirelessly to your computer or laptop. The number of keys in this keyboard is 103. The mouse presented in this set is optical and uses three keys. Thanks to the excellent 1600DPI resolution support of this mouse, the mouse pointer can be moved from one point to another easily and at high speed.

  • Laptop Sticker with Farsi Keyboard Stickers

    Laptop Sticker with Farsi Keyboard Stickers

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    This product made of waterproof adhesive backing paper and will not damage the keyboard and laptop. To separate it, just use the hot air of the hair dryer.

    • High Quality Stickers for any Computer, Desktop, Laptop, Notebook Keyboards
    • Easy to Apply! Best way to Learn a Language
    • Perfect for Communication, Education, Learning a New Language, or Great Gifts!

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