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Persian Sweets & Desserts are very famous in the world for their taste. Gaz is one of the traditional Persian pastries that is blended with a variety of Persian nuts.  Sohan is another famous Persian Sweet. Pastries are an integral part of ceremonies and parties in Iran. Persian Sweets Desserts are so diverse in each city and region of Iran. Iranian sweets are very tasty. Surprise your guests with a unique Persian sweet. You will definitely have a beautiful memory of tasting Persian Sweet. Enjoy the moments of being together with Iranian pastries. At ShopiPersia, we have collected all kinds of Iranian Sweets & Desserts for sale. ShopiPersia is the biggest Online Persian Store. Try out the most heavenly Iranian desserts, from soft puddings, cookies, to classic cakes and pastries that have been. Buy a fresh & tasty Iranian sweet & Dessert with confidence. We ship worldwide.

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