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Barbat – Oud Instrument

Oud Instrument Barbat or oud (also Roud) is an Iranian String Instruments that is common in the Middle East and the Arab countries of North Africa According to archeological discoveries, origin Barbat or Oud dates back to five thousand years ago, the Sumerian civilization and the city of Ur. This…

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Setar Instrument

Persian Setar Instrument A setar, also spelled and romanized as setaar or setâr, is an Iranian musical instrument. It is a member of the lute family. It is played with the index finger of the right hand. The range of the setar spans more than two and a half octaves. Setar Instrument place in the same family and is…

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Persian Musical Instruments

Persian Musical Instruments The sound of wind, the collision of tree leaves with each other, the sound of birds, the sound of sea waves, waterfalls and etc. It was the first sound of music that man knew before history – before he had a script and a language. By imitating…

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Persian Santur Santoor Instrument

Persian Santoor Instrument Santour is a stringed instrument of Iranian music that is trapezoidal in shape and has many strings and is played with two wooden hammers known as Mezrab. The most common type of Santur or Santoor (9 Kharak) has 72 strings, which are divided into 4 groups and…

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Persian Kamancheh Instrument

Persian Kamancheh – Bowled Persian Instrument Persian Kamancheh also known as Kamanche or Kamancha is a highly esteemed instrument of Persian music. It captures the listeners with its moving sound. Persian Kamancheh is used for light music (motrebi) and it is the only bowed string instrument in the classical tradition…

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