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Mahmoud Farshchian Paintings

Mahmoud Farshchian Paintings

Mahmoud Farshchian Mahmoud Farshchian, Iranian contemporary painter, has had a significant impact on the process of traditional Iranian painting and other traditional arts. Some of his works have been donated by Iranian Foreign Ministers (Kamal Kharazi and Mohammad Javad Zarif) as gifts to foreign ambassadors and ministers. His works have…

Omar Khayyam | ShopiPersia

Omar Khayyam

Omar Khayyam Neyshabouri Persian Mathematician Omar Khayyam Neyshabouri who is also called Khayyami, Khayyam Neyshabouri and Khayyami Al-Nisabouri, is an Iranian quatrain, philosopher, mathematician, astronomer and quatrain poet in the Seljuk period. Although Khayyam’s scientific status is superior to his literary status, his fame is due to the writing of…

The Divan of Hafez - The Divan of Hafiz - Divan Hafez | Persian Bookstore

The Divan of Hafez by Hafez Shirazi

The Divan of Hafez Shirazi – The great Iranian poet Divan Hafez is one of the richest books of Persian literature and has the most beautiful poems and lyric poems. Divan Hafez is a poem by one of the greatest Persian language poets, Khajeh Shamsuddin Mohammad Shirazi, nicknamed Hafez. Now, more…

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