Online Islamic/Shia Shopping Store

Online Islamic/Shia Shopping Store

Islam is a creative, monotheistic and Abrahamic religion. Followers of Islam are called “Muslims”. Islam currently ranks second in the world in terms of ideological followers, with an official number of 1.8 billion followers, after the Christian population and before atheists. Muslims believe that God gave the Qur’an to Muhammad,…

Women’s Clothing | ShopiPersia

Traditional Women’s Clothing of Southern Iran

khaleeji Women’s Clothing Iran is a vast land and its ethnic diversity is very high, Therefore, there are different clothes for each ethnic group, But one of these clothes that is very famous is the women’s clothes of Hormozgan province, Which is very similar to Arabian-Khaleeji women’s clothing Jelbil Khosi…

Zoroastrianism | ShopiPersia


Zoroaster or Zoroastrianism Zoroaster was an Iranian religious leader and reformer, philosopher and poet. He taught his followers that existence is the battlefield of the forces of good and evil, and the man is free to choose his place in this struggle. His teachings are the core of Mazdisna. The…

Persian Clothing (Modern & Traditional)

Persian Clothing (Modern & Traditional)

Persian Clothing The clothes of different ethnic groups in Iran are one of the most spectacular and attractive cultures that attract the eyes of every viewer. The different geographical and climatic conditions and different cultures of the tribes living in different parts of Iran have created different features in the…

Learn Persian Farsi Online | ShopiPersia

Learn Persian Online

Learn Persian – Farsi Online Persian language comes from the older language of Middle Persian (or Pahlavi), which also originated from ancient Persian. Persian or Persian is a Western Iranian language from the Iranian subgroup of the Indo-Iranian branch of the Indo-European family of languages, spoken mostly in Iran, Afghanistan,…

Iranian Nowruz & haft Sin | ShopiPersia

Nowruz & Haft sin

Iranian Nowruz & Haft sin Nowruz is the first day of the Iranian solar year, equal to the 1st of Farvardin, the celebration of the beginning of the Iranian New Year and one of the oldest celebrations left from the time of ancient Iran. Nowruz, as an old and ancient…

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